To release pain

Back or neck pain, decrease headache, knee pain, resolve spine hernias problems...

We used to think that pain appears in joints or ligaments because of age or too intensive physical activities. The real reason for pain usually is in over tensed muscles. 
With time we collect the tension in our muscles according to our habits and daily routines. For example if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer you collect tension in your shoulders area and through the whole front side of your body. The same we do when there are too many problems around like a global state in the world, lockdowns, sickness of relatives or our own. You see reasons could be as physical as mental. But the result is equal physical pain, mental stress, decreasing quality of sleep and so on. If we know how to release the habitual tension and we can do it regularly we will decrease the effect of aging in the way we mentioned before. Somatics is a way to release the habitual tension and balance opposite muscles to prevent them from overtensing. I offer individual and group sessions that help to explore your patterns and create your own effective daily somatic routine that will bring you pleasure and health.