Somatics for sport

Better technique, faster recovery, more efficient movements, less injuries and so on

There is very popular phrase "No pain no gain". If you want to achieve a result you have to manage a lot of difficulties. We used to think that injuries are normal. For example if you are a runner or cycler you probably have some discomfort or even pain in your knees or lower back or hamstrings. If you know the way to effectively release tension in those areas would you like to do it? Somatics is a way of bringing back the original length to muscles, it also helps to keep the nervous system in balance as a result you will recover and perform better if you use it regularly.
I offer a kind of additional support for your normal training plan. It will help you to find the best way to recover, to improve your techniques because you will balance agonists and antagonists muscles so during a performance you won't fight with yourself trying to push through self tension.