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Almost all classes are available online: somatics for releasing the pain or discomfort, improving results in sport, better recovery, release the stress and much more. It's also possible to explore freediving basics. To learn more about online classes choose the topic
You can find a schedule of online events and regular weekly classes below.

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Online somatics schedule

December 2020

Somatic explorations for better sleep, better mood, more balance in nervous system, releasing pain and discomfort etc. One hour lesson with short discussion in Zoom. Usually you will need a yoga mat, a bit of free space around, sometimes you will need a stool with a hard surface. Feel free to join

Dec 20 20:30 PM

Release the stress

Dec 22 20:30 PM

Get free from anxiety

Dec 24 20:30

Free your neck

Dec 27 20:30

Ease in lower back